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SHIP Worksite Wellness Workbook

Worksite Wellness Committee Structure The Worksite Wellness Committee provides the direction and labor division for a successful initiative. This document provides information on defining the roles and responsibilities of committee members, proposed meeting structure, and ground rules for meetings.

Creating a High Performing Wellness Committee presentation
Jason Bergstrand

Organizational Assessment The CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard provides the basic needs of  ”assess, educate and show progress” and  addresses the limitations of reporting and administration with a much more robust report over many program areas, providing a more in-depth look at workplace wellness programs. Click here to find more resources and complete the assessment.

Employee Interest Survey Engaging employee interest is one of the first steps towards creating a robost worksite wellness initiative. How do you hit the bullseye if you don’t know what the target is? Information obtained from these surveys will help our team zero in on ideas that will keep employees interested and engaged. We would encourage you to set up the employee interest survey as a possible SurveyMonkey and send to employees via email. Add other questions as deemed appropriate.

Healthy Eating

There are many different food guidelines designed to help communities increase access to foods and beverages that support health and wellbeing. Below are two excellent summaries of some of the leading guidelines.

Nutrition Guidelines for Vending Machines

Nutrition Guidelines for Prepared Foods

The guidelines we encourage you to consider, depending on your setting (cafeteria, vending, etc.) include:

  • Foodservice Guidelines for Federal Facilities
  • National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity (NANA)
  • American Heart Association Food and Beverage Toolkit
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Smart Snacks for Schools

Click here for additional resources and fact sheets.

Other Resources

Healthy Foods and Beverages at Work Presentation

Healthy Vending Options Employee Survey

Healthy Food and Beverage Guidelines

Healthy Vending Guidelines

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Karen Nitzkorski

School & Workplace Wellness Coordinator