Golden Start Breastfeeding Initiative

The Golden Start Breastfeeding Initiative is committed to assisting families & and businesses with support services to make breast feeding easier for mom and baby. Our staff works directly with hospitals & clinics on policy and systematic changes that provide education through the pregnancy and post delivery process for women. We also work directly with employers to help build support systems such as providing breastfeeding mom’s the appropriate time and space to express milk for their babies. The goal is to share about the benefits breastfeeding in an effort to help mom’s make the healthiest choice for themselves and their baby.

The future of The Golden Start Breastfeeding Initiative is to reach the families in the daycare setting by providing education and support to daycare providers.  A supportive daycare environment can remove barriers and promote breastfeeding duration.  Along with support in the daycare setting, outpatient lactation support for all families and infants remains a focus to foster optimal health for children.

Leslie Anderson

Breastfeeding Consultant