PS4H Worksite Wellness Toolkit

Worksite Wellness Committee Structure The Worksite Wellness Committee provides the direction and labor division for a successful initiative. This document provides information on defining the roles and responsibilities of committee members, proposed meeting structure, and ground rules for meetings. Creating a High Performing Wellness Committee presentation Jason Bergstrand

Organizational Assessment Use this form to complete a baseline assessment on your organization's current commitment to worksite wellness. Use the results to set goals for the next 12 months. Reassess after 12 months to document your organization's progress, set new goals and a repeat similar process every one to two years.

Employee Interest Survey Engaging employee interest is one of the first steps towards creating a robost worksite wellness initiative. How do you hit the bullseye if you don't know what the target is? Information obtained from these surveys will help our team zero in on ideas that will keep employees interested and engaged. We would encourage you to set up the employee interest survey as a possible SurveyMonkey and send to employees via email. Add other questions as deemed appropriate.

Resources from June 30th, 2014 Webinar - Worksite Wellness on a Shoestring Budget

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Powerpoint of slides

Resources from July 29th, 2014 Webinar - Managing Change 

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Powerpoint of slides

Employer Change Tool

Communications Template

Resources from August 12th, 2014 Webinar - Communications

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Powerpoint of slides

Healthy Eating

Healthy Foods Policy

Healthy Foods Environment Work Plan This is a sample plan that can be used to implement a healthy foods policy in the workplace. The document provides step by step activities and timeline to ensure success.

Healthy vending options employee survey

Healthy Eating in the Workplace Karensa Tischer

Healthy Catering Guide

Healthy Food Promotion Plan

Creating a Healthy Snack Station

Healthy Food and Beverage Guidelines

Healthy Vending Guidelines

Healthy Food and Beverages in the Workplace


Breastfeeding Policy

Breastfeeding Policy LRH

Breastfeeding Policy Ecumen

Breastfeeding policy workplan

Employee Breastfeeding Guide

Lactation Assessment Form

Legal Protections

Minnesota State Statute

North Dakota State and Federal Statute

MDH Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace recognition

Breastfeeding Options in the Workplace

Business Case for Breastfeeding resources

Business Case for Breastfeeding Presentation Leslie Anderson


Tobacco Presentation

Model tobacco free policy

PS4H/NAMI Best Practice Tobacco-Free Policy

Tobacco policy work plan

Background and rationale

Communications plan A communications plan is key to compliance for employees and the public

Commercial properties guide to going tobacco free 

Physical Activity

Physical activity policy

Physical activity policy mini plan

Physical activity policy promotion plan

Physical Activity Presentation Patrick Hollister

Bike Friendly Business Application League of American Bicyclist Recognition

Sitting Disease Prevention Guide

Related Resources

I Can Prevent Diabetes - University of MN Extension presentation May 2015

Bounce Back Project Website- A resiliency tool to increase happiness through expressions of gratitude and random acts of kindness

Bounce Back Project- Mental Health Resiliency 7 minute film

Additional education materials

Tips for reducing stress

Make time for physical activity

Winter survival kit

Holiday open house summary

Build a nutritious smoothie

Vitamin D information

Ergonomic Resources

Treadmill desk increase employee productivity

Otter Tail Co. Healthy Eating at Work Brochure

Wellness Promotion

Oatmeal taste testing healthy heart month (February)

Fruit and vegetable challenge healthy heart month