Pictured (left to right)

Back row: Jason Bergstrand, Patrick Hollister, Will Mackaman, Karen Nitzkorski, Whitney Klindworth, Melissa Mattson, Dana Rieth, Krystle McNeal, Corey Ernst

Front row: Emily Ambrosy, Gina Nolte, Keely Ihry, Kristin Erickson, Emily Stawarski

Not pictured: Janet Lindberg, Jason McCoy

The PartnerSHIP 4 Health staff is a multidisciplinary, 
multi-agency, multi-county team from:
  • Clay County Public Health
  • Lakes Country Service Cooperative
  • Lakes and Prairies Community Action – Child Care Aware of MN
  • Lake Region Healthcare
  • Otter Tail County Public Health
  • ND Center for Social Research
  • Nitzkorski, Inc.
  • Springboard for the Arts
  • West Central Initiative

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